A baby in the house is always a source of joy and hope for any family, especially for those couples just starting out. A baby’s growth and development rate at this stage is phenomenal. Moreover each stage of a baby’s growth has particular food and nourishment needs that must be met. Use the Little Spoon Promo Code to get good and wholesome food at a discount. You arrived at a one stop shop that will solve all their eating needs without any hassles.

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Single Fatherhood is not that Easy

You know the drill. Call it fate or simply just bad luck, but things don’t always work out for couples. That’s why many people just want to carry on live-in relationships. https://www.littlespoonfood.tours/. Anyway, once you do take the plunge and commit, it’s for the long term.

No Guarantees

Having and raising a baby while viewed as a testament of love and happiness is not a guarantee that stabilizes the relationship. If it’s not working out due to work and home pressures or any other such reason, sometimes couples do break up.

A Question of Responsibility

One party can be less responsible than the other and just want out of the relationship, so they walk out. This leaves the other party with the responsibility of looking after the baby. That’s how I became a single father of a baby boy.

Finger Foods

So what are finger foods, really? Finger foods refer to those foods that can be held by baby fingers and is given to babies in the pre-toddler stage. A baby is usually put on finger foods from 9 months of age.

A Wide Selection

Little Spoon is one brand that is devoted to solving the food and nutritional problems of anyone from the baby stage to toddlers to young kids right up to say 12 years of age.

The pre-packaged finger foods are prepared keeping in mind baby taste preferences and include both proteins and carbohydrates. Food habits are made right from the day a baby is weaned off milk, and there is a whole baby food industry out there that you can choose from. The real problem is which one to choose and why.  

Protein Based Finger Foods

Selections can include the following

  • Shredded cheese cut into thick slivers so that they can be picked up easily
  • Wild salmon that has been flaked and cooked
  • A little tofu, sautéed or steamed after dicing
  • Meatballs that have been slightly mashed
  • Shredded chicken that has been cut up finely
  • Ground beef, chicken or turkey that has been broken into smaller pieces

Carbohydrate Based Finger Foods

  • Spinach pancakes dipped in applesauce or plain yogurt
  • Oatmeal, cooked and cooled
  • Peanut Butter Puffs
  • Rice in little clumps so baby can pick it up
  • Baby sized Banana Muffins
  • Prepackaged cereal, softened in non-dairy unsweetened milk or yogurt

The Best Solution for Single Fathers

I’m pleased to say that Little Spoon has solved all my baby food problems. I can now concentrate on my work and do all the other things that single fathers do.

How did the Little Spoon finger food plate help me as a Single Father